WHMIS Training

Course Overview


  • Legislation
  • WHMIS elements


  • Classes and Symbols
  • Exemptions


  • WHMIS Labels
  • Supplier labels
  • Detailed requirements
  • Workplace Labels
  • Decanted products
  • Meaningful identification alternatives

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • Disclosure List (What chemicals must be identified on MSDS)
  • MSDS content requirements
  • Specific concerns (when do they apply)
  • LC50/LD50 meaning and content requirements
  • Reading and understanding 9 sections on MSDS

WHMIS Implementation and Review Exercises

  • Compliance with controls as identified on MSDS and labels
  • Hygiene hazards, especially chemical and biological
  • Routes of exposure (Inhalation, skin contact, skin absorption, ingestion, eye contact)
  • Permissible exposure

Written Exam

  • Certificate issued upon successful completion of course and exam

Course Location & Length

  • On site at your location
  • Duration: 4 hours

Course Scheduling & Pricing

  • For more information and course scheduling and pricing please contact us.