Earth Mover Training

Course Overview

Earth Mover Training – Available for the beginner or experienced individual this course involves both classroom and hands-on training. Content of the program includes:

  • Pre-shift Inspections
  • Visual Checks (ROPS, tires & wheels, fluid levels, bucket, lifting arms, etc.)
  • Operational Checks (Instrument readings, lights & horn, hydraulic controls, brakes & steering, etc.)
Basic Operating Procedures
  • Operating with no load (bucket height, tilt, steering, slopes & grades, etc.)
  • Loading the bucket (cutting edge, lift and roll back, securing the load, etc.)
  • Operating with a load (safe height, correct tilt, turning with a load, slopes & grades, etc.)
  • Depositing the load (positioning, height and dumping bucket, loading a truck, etc.)
  • Operational (safe area, bucket lowered, hydraulics at rest, cool down period, parking brake, etc.)
  • Visual (tires & wheels, bucket, air tank drained, night switch, steering lock, etc.)
  • Refueling
General Safety
  • Work Area Inspection (overhead and side clearances, excavations, undercutting, etc.)
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Site Specific Areas of Danger

Course Location

  • On-site at your location

Course Compliance & Certification

  • Compliant with WorkSafeBC regulations and CSA standards
  • Certificate and Wallet Card issued upon successful completion

Courses Offered

  • Front-end Loaders
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Loader Backhoes
  • Mini-Excavators

Course Scheduling & Pricing

For more information and course scheduling and pricing please contact us.